Oregon Green new
By Michael Mehaffy
June 2007

pp. 76-79
Article reviewing the new 275 acre (111-ha) Pringle Creek Community Sustainable Master Plan in Salem, Oregon.

Cities Show a Better Way new
By Frances Bula
Saturday, February 17, 2007
Two-page article in the Vancouver Sun lists 10 cities which are using green standards and technology in their planning and implementation. East Clayton is mentioned under "Surrey", as are Maple Ridge and Oliver in the Smart Growth on the Ground initiative.

Taming Urban Sprawl
A small group of visionaries wants to put the brakes on our car-happy suburbs to make them healthier for us and our environment. Cover story from the Sunday Reader of the Edmonton Journal.
Liane Faulder
May 22, 2005.

Greenhouse Gas Action Guide
Fraser Basin Council unveils new Greenhouse Gas Action Guide, which features cost-effective actions local governments can take to reduce GHG emissions. Please visit the Greenhouse Gas Action Guide at:
February 16, 2005.

Lane Change Gets Green Light
Vancouver city council recently approved an innovative lane-paving option, which is a less-expensive, more environmentally-friendly design which allows 60-70% of precipitation to be absorbed directly into the ground. A similar, existing "country-lane" pilot project, which allows more than 90% infiltration, is located at east 27th and Fraser street.
Amy O'Brian, Vancouver Sun, December 20th 2004.

Rainwater Innovation
Innovative rainwater management techniques are rapidly becoming commonplace in BC land development. This article describes the Water Balance Model as an effective tool in land use planning and reviews its application in Chilliwack, Surrey and Coquitlam.
Kim Stephens and Tim Pringle, "Sustainable Community Design: A New Approach to Rainwater Management", Innovation, June 2004: pp. 18-21.

First Curbless Street in our Region
Low impact housing development in Silver Valley includes curbless streets and other green infrastructure to minimize impacts to natural drainage.
Phil Melnychuk, Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows News, September 1, 2004

The New Suburbia
By William Boei
Six page feature article in the Vancouver Sun spotlights East Clayton as a model for the future of Suburbia.
William Boei, Vancouver Sun C1-C6, September 6, 2003

GVTV spotlights Sprawl in Vancouver and Seattle
Once an iconic source of pride in North America, today the large sprawling city is plagued with traffic snarls, and the loss of valuable open space, agricultural land and habitat. A tour through Greater Vancouver reveals how we are doing.

East Clayton Show Home Featured in Vancouver Magazine Cover Story
"The $364,000 Question" - Lila MacLellan explores what $364,000 can buy a hopeful homeowner in the Lower Mainland.
MacLellan, Lila. "The $364,000 Question" Vancouver Magazine. March 2003 pp.48-58

"Impact of Urbanization and Land-Use on Climate Change" - Letters to Nature

Authors Eugenia Kalnay and Ming Cai reveal that "the most important anthropogenic influences on climate change are the emissions of greenhouse gases and changes in land use, such as urbanization and agriculture." This article is from the latest issue of Nature. Nature, vol. 423, 29 May 2003: pp 528-531

"The Road To Damascus" in Landscape Architecture Magazine
Design Damascus, a participatory design workshop facilitated by Patrick Condon, and supported by the 1000 Friends of Oregon is highlighted in the November, 2002 issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine
Gragg, Randy. "The Road to Damascus" Landscape Architecture Magazine. November, 2002 p. 48-42

Surrey Shifts Sustainability Status Quo with Neighbourhood Concept Plan
GBEI Stories From the Basin. by Geoff Gilliard. Environment Canada
Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative

East Clayton Project Receives $862,000 Grant: Innovative Drainage system could set provincial standard.
The Surrey Leader. June 26, 2002

Sustainable Learning: Design charettes combine principle and policy to illustrate urban liveable community strategies. Landscape Architecture. September, 2001.

Curbing 'slurban' sprawl: End to suburban fortresses urged
The Vancouver Sun. June 8, 2001. download printer friendly version (20kb)

Surrey Flips Status Quo for Sustainability in East Clayton.
The Now Newspaper,. March 25, 2001. download printer friendly version (6kb)

Community Planning Expert Patrick Condon has Smart, Practical Ways to make Cites Better.
Business in Vancouver. March 2001. download printer friendly version (9kb)

Developments try to make peace with the Environment
The Vancover Sun, September 27,2000. download printer friendly version (6kb)

Engineers Plan New Approach
The Vancouver Sun, August 25, 2000.
download printer friendly version (7kb)

Saving the Troubled Waters around Us
The Vancouver Sun, August 25, 2000. download printer friendly version (12kb)

Closing the Drainpipe on Urban Streams
The Vancouver Sun, August 25, 2000.
download printer friendly version (5kb)

Consultant aims to Develop Better Environment
Globe and Mail - British Columbia Bureau, July 24, 2000.
download printer friendly version (8kb)

Surrey and UBC Cooperate on Creation of Sustainable Urban Community.
Business in Vancouver, June 6-12, 2000. download printer friendly version (9kb)

$75 won't Solve Transit Woes.
The Vancouver Sun. Thursday, June 1, 2000. download printer friendly version (6kb)

Land-Use Planning: The Ultimate BMP.
Erosion Control. April 2000.
download printer friendly version (7kb)

East Clayton Neighbourhood Gears up to Welcome Home-based Business.
The Vancouver Sun, Tuesday April 25, 2000.
download printer friendly version (7kb)

Environmental Ministers won't Pay more to Help Strait.
Vancouver Sun, January 25, 2000. download printer friendly version (6kb)

Back to the future for East Clayton: storm sewers out, pedestrians in.
The Leader, Sunday August 19, 1999. download printer friendly version (7kb)



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